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Aerial Sampler Package for Two

Your introduction to aerial at                          Karen Wilder Fitness Studio                         includes a sample session in all four techniques!

This sampler package is for two people to share at the same time by appointment only. 

For your convenience the sampler package can be used either two ways:

Two sessions that are 90 minutes each   OR

Four sessions that are 45 minutes each



  1. Aerial Fitness Yoga is definitely a unique fitness technique! Aerial Fitness Yoga is a comprehensive exercise technique designed to increase your overall health and fitness while having fun and creating beautiful stretches in an aerial hammock. The aerial hammock is rigged approximately 2-3 feet off the floor. You will learn flips and tricks along with yoga sequences and inversions!  It is “flipping fun”and will leave you feeling taller, lighter, and energized!!


  1. Restorative Yoga is a  unique sequence of exercises and stretches and is intended to decompress your spine and align the body from head to toe. Restorative is less challenging than Fitness while stretching and strengthening the whole musculature. The aerial hammock is lowered to 6-8 inches off the floor to invite a more relaxed position. You will definitely have fun, feel lighter, taller, and refreshed!


  1. Aerial Silks (sometimes referred to as aerial tissue or aerial fabric) is a dynamic and empowering circus art that fosters a high degree of strength, flexibility, courage and grace. The technique is inspired by the performance art and consists of climbs, wraps, suspensions, and spirals the body into and out of various positions.


  1. Dance in rock climbing harnesses on a vertical wall with synchronized leaps, bounces, and flips. Professional rock climbing equipment is used and a strong emphasis on safety education and proper equipment use is taught. You will definitely have fun and may even learn how to run on the aerial wall!!