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Welcome to Memphis' premier GYROTONIC® Studio

Memphis' premier GYROTONIC® and Aerial Arts Fitness Training Studio

Fitness & Post Rehab Personal Training Studio

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GYROTONIC®  exercise is a unique training system that works to strengthen and stretch the body, while mobilizing & articulating the joints at the same time.  The exercises are performed on the Pulley Tower and offer complete freedom of movement & adjustability to meet the needs of everyone with varying levels of fitness. GYROTONIC® training is performed in three dimensions, and not in linear paths


Aerial Fitness

Different techniques of aerial fitness are offered. Whether you like flying high, spiraling, inverting, flipping, and jumping, We have it all with training in Hammock, Silks, Wall Dancing, and Bungee!  Bachelorette & Birthday Parties are welcome!


The Salt Cave

Dry Salt Therapy is a natural, completely drug-free, treatment with no side effects.  The salt cave room is a dry, sterile and hermetic environment that recreates the natural microclimate identical to ancient salt caves.  


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